Video is far more efficient than ID photos

to onboard your users

more conversion
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Protect your users and reduce the cost of fraud

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"We like this solution because it addresses 3 main objectives: protect our customers from identity theft, keep us compliant with KYC requirements and offer a streamlined user experience from start to finish."

Ophélie Robin
Head of Digital and Innovation | Sofinco

A hybrid verification process using both AI and experts

+ 40%
more fraud detected
more conversion
synchronous mode available

Anticipate new remote verification standards

Our remote identity verification service is currently undergoing ANSSI certification and is already up for testing!
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Undergoing ANSSI certification

The ANSSI has approved our request for PVID qualification.
More information about this certification

elDAS and ETSI compliant

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One universal solution: everywhere, anywhere

available anytime
5 min
response time
web: any device

Create simple and seamless user experiences
synchronous and asynchronous


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The users can easily take videos of their documents or face with the help of AI.


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The videos are then analyzed by AI, providing simultaneous inputs to make real-time decisions.


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Identity experts verify the videos using AI support. A definitive asynchronous decision is made within minutes.

Reconcile security and competitivity for any activity

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KYC banking

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Credit applications

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Electronic signatures

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Car rental

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Fraud detection

Easily integrate our API and manage your activity

Mask Group

A quick, easy, and scalable integration

  • Easy configuration and integration
  • Documented, public API
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End-to-end advice: experience, conversion and follow up

  • A dashboard to manage your access rights, consult your results and analyze your conversion rates
  • Support provided by a Project Manager
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Continuous monitoring available

  • Information on our system status in real time
  • Average availability status: 99,9% uptime
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