We verify tens of thousands of identities each month from all around the world.

ubble is the only Identity verification service based on video live streaming and artificial intelligence

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Detect ID fraud more efficiently than with a face-to-face check or a static photo analysis of ID the document.

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Simplify the onboarding process of your customers and optimize your conversion rates.

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Benefit from the highest level of security and GDPR compliance for all critical PII data collected.

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Streamline all your channels (web, mobile web, app, tablets or terminals) using our universal platform integrated immediately to your back and front office.


Verification of Digital Identities


What are the key figures?

billion $ in fines

paid by Banks every year due to regulatory failings from ID verification, money laundering, etc.

9 000 000
identity thefts

are declared each year
in the US

of internet users

are victims of online identity fraud each year

What is the context and its challenges ?

The increase in online transactions and services has created major challenges for all types of businesses who need to verify their users’ identities on the spot:

  • Verify the reliability of the user’s identity to fight against fraud
  • Offer an optimal user experience to avoid drops and increase conversion rates
  • Maintain a high level of data security and GDPR compliance

Who is concerned ?

Initially used by fintechs and online banks, online identity verification solutions are now used by businesses across all sectors: service platforms, sharing economy, housing, transportation, leasing companies, but also by the health, education and public sectors.


The 3 key steps of an online identity verification

ubble id document

Is it a genuine document ?

real person check

Is it a live person ?

user match id photo document

Does the user’s face match the document’s photo ?


Static photo VS AI powered live video streaming

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Ease of capture of the identity document

Static Photo
  • It’s difficult to take a photo of an ID document avoiding glare and blurriness
  • There’s a high risk of failing to extract all the necessary information when using a single photo
  • + than 30% of the time, the processing of the ID fails, forcing the users to start again
Live video streaming
  • It’s easy to film an ID document, you don’t have to worry about blurriness or glare
  • The risk of partially extracting data is eradicated due to a selection of over 20 images per second captured
  • 0% chance to fail thanks to real time guidance and instant feedback

Verification of the authenticity of the identity document

Static photo
  • The presence of holograms or the document’s plasticity cannot be confirmed from a single photo as it does not carry enough information.
  • There’s no way to detect ID document frauds: photocopies, photoshopped copies, or other document alterations
Live video streaming
  • Detects holograms and the document’s lamination thanks to real time video streaming and instructions to make these elements stand out with motion.
  • Detects frauds and photoshopped copies with screen recognition and texture break technology
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Verification of the user’s face and confirmation of the liveness

Static photo
  • High risk of incorrectly verifying an identity when comparing a single static photo of the face with a single static photo of a document
  • High risk of identity theft when basing the entire verification on an unanimated face photo. For example, it’s real easy to take a photo from social networks
Live video streaming
  • Reliable face verification as a result of comparing several photos captured during the selfie video with several photos of the document identity
  • Very low risk of identity theft when the result is based on a live 3D video taken from different angles with random instructions given in real time

A single photo of an ID document does not offer a reliable verification. Only a video of the ID document does!


Only 3% of the sessions do not succeed versus 30% with photo-based verifications


100% reliable verifications with hologram detection, which is simply impossible with photo-based verifications

ubble is the only online identity verification solution that is actuallyRELIABLE – SIMPLE – SECURE

With our live streaming technology and artificial intelligence in real time, we can analyze over 3 000 documents from 196 countries across the globe

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Videos of the ID document and the face is the key enabler to fight fraud:

  • Verification of the document’s authenticity (holograms, reflections, MRZ…)
  • Detection of animated faces (liveness – 3D)
  • Face matching with the identity documents
  • Live interaction with the user to prevent spoofing
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A guided and interactive flow with an instant response:

  • Failure rate 10x lower than solutions that use a single image of the ID document
  • Guidance of the user during the entire process with augmented reality
  • Rapid process that takes less than 60 seconds
  • Immediate answer
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Secure and GDPR compliant:

  • Personal data (PII) is processed in France
  • Data can be stored at ubble in accordance with strict security and access protocols
  • Secured infrastructure: data encryption, activity logs, monitored access
  • Compliant & Private by design technological stack
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ubble’s identity verification solution was developed to be easily integrated we have been integrated into our current client’s environment in less than 4 hours via our secured API.

ubble doesn’t require any specific installation, the video data is stored in house on our highly secured servers, so you do not have to worry about security.

The ubble dashboard is added to your back office and provides instant access to the completed verifications.

The ubble solution can be activated on all your channels: web desktop, mobile web, app (iOS, Android), tablets, terminals, etc.



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