Remote identity verification through video


Simplicity, security, compliance — all-in-one

An optimized user experience that never overlooks fraud

How ubble helps your business

Choose the best in video, AI, and identity expertise

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Deliver customers a smooth and intuitive experience through videos.

Improve your onboarding experience and accelerate your conversion rate.

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Benefit from high-level security, guaranteed by our experts and artificial intelligence.

Protect your customers' identity, and cut down on the cost of fraud.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest KYC requirements, comply with AML / LCBFT regulations.

Ensure full compliance everywhere, and at all times.

Designed in Europe,used worldwide

Verify your customers' identities, wherever they are

3 000
types of identity documents
7 billion
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eIDAS compliance

Our solution covers 450 million citizens in 27 countries

GDPR compliance

Processed data is stocked in France, in a SecNumCloud certified cloud, under European jurisdiction

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