Identity Verification,
easier, faster,
more secure

Onboarding new users has never been so easy. From 1 picture to hundreds, ready for the change? Faster, easier, more secure.

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Onboard your customers like never before​

Online identity verification is either unsecured or cumbersome for users.
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We bring trust…

We make online identity checks more secure. We use video to analyze hundreds of images instead of one picture.


We increase your conversion rate. It’s automatic, 24/7, easy to use and intuitive. Users don’t recapture, and they love it !

…with privacy

We respect your users’ right to privacy. Their data is safe, you are GDPR compliant.

Easier, faster, whenever they want is automatic. Available from home, whatever the day, whatever the time ! Users do not have to take a picture, and wonder if they have done it correctly… they just need to show their ID and their face, we guide them while capturing the videos we need : users don’t fail or start over. It’s fast, it’s smart, users love it !

More secure,
for trust

Digital and automatic onboarding are creating new security threats that should be addressed. Indeed, a user can easily create and use a fake identity to onboard to services online. To fight identity fraud, has developped the most secured identity verification engine based on official identity document. Try it out ! algorithms are powered by the latest innovations in computer vision and deep learning. ubble’s AI detects IDs, faces, analyzes aspects, shadowing, 3D patterns… and learn everyday.

Designed for light

To facilitate capture and guide the users, we use an easy to integrate webapp, compatible with webportals and native applications. Our Identity Verification technologies are then accessed through an API requests that is secured with OAuth protocol. It takes less than a day to integrate ubble ans start using it!

Privacy by design,
GDPR compliant

To verify the identity of users online, we need to collect and analyze sensitive personal data. We have designed our organization and products to safely process it. And we go beyond : we help our customers comply with RGPD, that is why they trust ubble with the personal data of their users.

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